D3 Housing Tomorrow
Houston University and New York

National Trust Open Day
Morel Farm, Jersey

Emirates Skyward Future Artists


June 2012, June 2013 and June 2014
Open Studio, Jersey

Pamphlet Architecture 32: Resilience Competition

International Competition for Inventive Architecture: Reinterpret, Cyprus
Entry short-listed and part of the submission was exhibited at the Venice Biennale

Het Snelweghuis – Motorway House
Tour around Europe

Arts Centre, Jersey 1999
‘Fantasmagoria’ One Man Show

Some of the comments:
Clever, funny and quirky exhibition. AAC
Very curious. I like the formal drawing technique blended with the abstract ideas. AL
Love the art work and ideas. M
Excellent – saner than it looks perhaps. H
Fascinating. RT
Extremely visual and exciting. DT
Dynamic, funky and highly stimulating. SAS
Very interesting and different. MW
Insights into a different world. J
Excellent, it must be fun on your planet. TB
Great work – innovative and fresh. MB
Innovative, very interesting, different. PR
Very, very interesting, just what I needed. KW
Visionary! Exciting. RB
The images show a whole other world! Inspirational to explore. JT
Now, now – Americans are almost human too. MT
Fantastic Fantasmagoria!
It’s nice to see escapism and perfection in plan and section! RH
Amazing drawings, completely lost myself in them. SH
Fantastic, really imaginative! PV
Wonderful. Thank you, more, more! AW