Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

An Augustinian order of monks has recently been forced to relocate from Essex to East London. Their monastery is made up of seven elements (Chapel, Monks’ Cells, Refectory, Farm, Library, Infirmary and Chapter House). Each element acts as a parasite and is attached to a host – an existing building or structure that that represents one of the deadly sin. Below, some of the situations are summarised:

The Chapel is constructed at the end of the concrete and timber landing stage that used to serve the Crossness Sewerage Treatment Works. The landing stage represents Wrath, as it has been the site of many suicides.

The Monks’ Cells are located on the opposite side of the Royal Victoria Dock from the IBIS Hotel, a popular location for the extra-marital affairs of the City’s businessmen and women (Lust).

The Refectory has been constructed on the roof and to the rear of a petrol station and drive-through McDonalds. The restaurant represents Gluttony. The Refectory has started using part of the existing kitchen and associated ventilation and service ducting as well as its refuse facilities. The monks are looking at other opportunities to exploit.

The Infirmary is to be found on the central reservation of Market Hill, in front of Nu-Style Hair Centre and Cheri’s Beauty Salon. These collectively represent the sin of Pride.