Myrtle’s Beauty Parlour

The live/work Grubs self-destruct at irregular intervals and with varying effects. There have been seven recorded genuine transformations of this particular FUNKGRUB© in groovy green. This Originally manufactured in Toulouse, France in February 2007 it began operating as a florist shop in Naples, Italy. A gas explosion in August 2016 began its transformation into a pharmacy and its relocation to Genoa, Italy. Events and transformations that followed include an unexplained collision with a tourist bus that resulted in its conversion to a health clinic in Hamburg, Germany; the collapse of its lower support structure and its submersion into the port. Six months later it emerged and soon after was recorded as a small day room for an old people’s home in Reykavik, Iceland. A sudden and unexplained water leak when combined with faulty wiring resulted in its partial destruction. The smouldering remaining elements were then transported to Aberdeen, Scotland where it found service first as a post office and then as a tearoom. It is currently active in Florida, USA as a beauty parlour still showing visible signs of the attack, which took place on it by the neighbours of the monastery in East London, UK where it had been operational as a chapter house.

Myrtle has recently retired after twenty-five years service on the cosmetic counters of Macy’s Department Store, New York. She is now free to pursue her dream of establishing her own Beauty Parlour. Myrtle’s father, Carlo Pedrono, died three years earlier leaving her a modest inheritance. Pedrono had been a proprietor of one of the original FUNKGRUBS© – a FUNKGRUB© florist in Groovy Green (fabrication number 000345LD). Myrtle located 000345LD V6.0 in a state of dereliction in East London. Its most recent incarnation had been as a monastery’s Chapter House. Six months later Myrtle and the refurbished FUNKGRUB© have migrated to Tampa, Florida and joined Myrtle’s sister, Maria, and her FUNKGRUB© (a driving school in Palmetto Beach). Over time, Myrtle’s Beauty Parlour is covered by hair, skin and nails – the by-products of her trade.