Manhattan Project II

Manhattan Project II


Armageddon has not arrived, but climate change is no longer a subject for discussion and no-one cares about who or what caused it. Manhattan’s lower & subterranean parts are either permanently flooded or subject to regular inundation. Many precincts’ thoroughfares are now canals and frequent storm surges compound the situation. This has forced the population to rethink the entire notions of housing, transport infrastructure and resources.

This project explores how the City’s multi-storey car parks have been transformed. Abandoned cars have become inhabited, their occupants having extended them with scavenged or bartered elements to create live/work units.

These transformed car parks have given rise to a network of small scale and dispersed communities – C22nd century favelas. The mutability of the environment caused by the constant scavenging for resources and the influx of materials on each incoming storm surge, give a sense of impermanence.

The focus of this proposal is a thirteen level car park located on W 153rd Street. Levels 0,1 & 2 are permanently submerged. There are 457 remaining useable spaces and these are home to 315 families. It is a largely self-contained community.