Farmarina 7

Farmarina 7

Proposals were sought for tourism opportunities in Cyprus. The Farmarina 7 is a sea farm where tourists can learn all aspects of sea farming.

The accommodation unit is a modified (floating) version of a 1953 22 foot safari-double Airstream caravan for the ultimate for ultimate home comfort. The processing unit is an extruded timber and plastic shed containing preparation and packing areas, cold and dry storage and farm equipment storage. The plastic element extends to increase the available working area during the peak season. Fish, shellfish and kelps are harvested. The gangways are constructed helium filled hollow section, self-tessellating toughened Perspex, giving inherent buoyancy plus visibility for stock inspection.

The Framarina7™ treads lightly on the surrounding seascape/landscape. The unit is mobile and can be easily relocated. It has an imperceptible environmental and carbon footprint. The wind and wave generators provide up to 60% of the Sea Farm’s requirements. A desalination unit provides 65% of the unit’s freshwater requirements. The remainder is delivered with other supplies.

Networks of Farmarinas can be established, allowing for greater efficiency and catchment areas; grid system power sharing; storm protection (encircling of cabins around nets and fisheries) etc.