Conflict Brief

Once again, five Jersey artists have just 36 hours to produce work straight onto the walls of the Berni Gallery.
Each artist will begin work on the Sunday morning and will present their imaginings at the preview the following day at 5.30pm. This year’s exhibition, using the Great War as a stimulus along with other world conflicts, will remain for three weeks, before disappearing forever…
Previous time-constrained exhibitions have included 5 x 4 in 2006 and Self Portrait in 2011.

Conflict Response

The location is Ted and Betty’s 1950’s bungalow, 27 Alder Road, Southend-on-Sea.

On Christmas Eve 2012, Ted and Betty were visited by their daughter Claire, son-in-law David and their two grandchildren, Sam and Emma. The visit was supposed to last until the day after Boxing Day. What Ted and Betty didn’t know was that Claire and David’s house in East London had been repossessed the week before and the young family were effectively homeless. The planned three-day trip ended up as a more than a 12-month occupation of the bungalow’s roof and garden areas.

The events that took place during this period (between 15.20hrs on Monday 24 December 2012 and 23.59hrs on Tuesday 31 December 2013) were documented.